The fight against aliens never stops


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Xenonauts is a turn-based strategy game, a worthy successor to the legendary X-Com saga, in which you will have to lead the defense of earth against an alien invasion.

Gameplay is divided into two main stages. In the first one, you'll have to manage all the resources available to you, research, and go through countless menus in what is definitely the pure management-strategy part of the game.

In the second stage you'll go straight to the battlefield, where you'll control a squad of humans to face the invading troops in a way that is typical of turn-based strategy games like Jagged Alliance and X-Com.

The game’s graphics provide a very peculiar look, with very detailed pixelated models and great visuals that fit in perfectly with the setting. The only part where they have some room for improvement are in the special effects, such as explosions and fire, yet even here the results are quite decent.

Xenonauts is a great strategy game that won’t just appeal to X-Com die-hard fans, but also to fans of turn-based strategy games in general.

The demo lets you play a quick battle mode and a normal demo mode.

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